Tuesday, August 30, 2011

RAGBRAI 2012 or bust

This will be the planning page for this little group of us headed from Texas to RAGBRAI for the 2012 ride. Most of us are hashers, but this isn't exclusive so invite your like-minded friends.

In so far:
  • Dave (FBS)
  • Melissa (PBH)
  • Karen (Sex Panther)
  • Claude (Clod)
Expressed interest:
  • Larry & Linda (Toni & Tiffany (McGayer & Milfshake))
  • Sharon (TaT)
  • Stacy (W/D Vac)
I know that I'm missing some people, so please let me know who they are, or of anyone that you want to add. Also, if you're definitely in or out let me know so I can move you up or stop bothering you about this.

Melissa will be taking turns riding and driving with anyone that gets tired and wants to sit in the team vehicle for a while. Tisha (CPS) may also come along as a full-time driver and/or drinking buddy for those in the vehicle.

As for the team vehicle, inquiries are being made into obtaining an RV, either through one of the riders, borrowing from someones friend/relative, or just renting one. We'll have to look at the options in more depth as things get closer.

RAGBRAI is a 7-day bike ride across Iowa that is just under 500 miles, that's about 60 to 80 miles per day. Sometimes traveling west-to-east, sometimes east-to-west, each night is spent in a different city or town along the route where they are known to be very friendly and supportive of the bike group.

Wikipedia has a list of the routes taken in the past here, and to get an idea of the more popular overnight stops the main RAGBRAI page has a cool little comparison map here.